『Game Meat Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980 by Mr. Tseng, who started off the beef import kingdom with delivering by merely a bike. Over the past thirty years, operating with our fundamental corporate values of acting with uncompromising honesty and integrity, Game Meat Industrial as managed to earn a good reputation domestically. Currently, having our own delivery line and unique operating philosophy has become our key competitiveness in the market to serve customers in Taiwan. The company’s growth has maintained steady increases over the year, and our customer’s satisfaction had trust have always been our top priority, and is also a key motivation for us to give our best.

We have six key values and advantages, including modern processing environment, well-controlled low temperature logistics network, global supply chain, direct imports, international food safety requirements and 30-year experience and profession. These six key advantages have enabled us to guarantee a satisfactory experience for the customers, as we firmly believe that customer’s trust in our products and services will be our greatest asset.

In order to share the highest quality of excellence to more people, we established Xin-Xin Frozen Foods Supermarkets, following the original corporate values, and specifically to serve the public with the best quality. In 2012, Xin-Xin launched new online shopping platform that operates 24/7 in order to better serve the public. Xin-Xin and Game Meat Company will continue to follow its central ideas of innovation, profession, transcendence and sanitation.

Look towards the future, Game Meat Industrial Co., Ltd. and Xin-Xin Frozen Foods supermarket will continue to expend retail channels, virtual channels, create a sense of belonging for employees and strengthen distribution support system to expend Taiwan market.

● Devising a sustainable managerial strategies and industrial vision
● Foster an extraordinary corporate culture and sense of commitment
● Instilling a motto of work hard, work smart, work happy
● To share experience and knowledge for mutual growth
● Creating processes for optimal efficiency and execution
● Promoting a lifelong learning atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence

Our Advantages

『Direct import from origin』
With 30 years of experience in the import industry, we import top quality beef and lamb from around the world. With linear integration, we organize customs clearance, food safety inspection, low temperature distribution and customized package design independently. It is not only cost saving, but more importantly we can have assuring quality.

『Diverse worldwide suppliers』
 In order to offer consumers high quality meat, we strictly select best of the best suppliers fromglobalized market, comprising of the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Central America.
With direct imports and three stages of stringent evaluations (Food safety, Product quality, and Affordable price), we guarantee that only food of the highest quality are delivered to our customers. Our products range over two hundred of the finest meats and gourmet foods such as premium grade steaks, lamb racks, superior seafood, pork cutlets and seasonal turkey…etc.

『Highest standard to Food safety』
Our commitment to food safety has always been our top priority. All suppliers of Game Meat have been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) standard or the top 5 red meat exporters. Every export cargo has gone through a strict export examinations and import border inspections procedure. Even so, we randomly send our products to third party testing laboratories to adhere to the health and safety standards that are even more stringent than national regulations.
In order to upgrade our food safety improvements and standard operation procedures, we have been ISO 22000 and HACCP certified since 2011.
In the meantime, we provide internal and external educational trainings for executive, manager, on-site workers and front-line staff, training in sales including marketing, sanitation, cutting and customer service to safeguard food safety from farm to table.

『Commitment to Excellence』
Professional analysis, considerable service are essential. We love to hear your comments, and share the latest market information as well as future trend and pinpoint customers need by giving proper suggestion and assistance.
Not only do we want to be an excellent meat importer, but we expect to build up a close cooperation relationship and work together for mutual growth as well. We supply to wholesalers, traditional markets, retailers, star-graded hotels, steak houses, hypermarkets, supermarkets, chain stores, hot pot stores and a list of restaurants.

『Employee development and welfare』
Our employees are our most valuable assets. The management takes every necessary course of action to nurture the growth of our employees in capability, integrity and accountability. We aim to create a positive and energetic working environment. We encourage and support continous learning and professional development for our employees and by offering many different training classes and seminars.
In addition to Our company also values a work-life-family balance while looking into the welfare of the employees. We sponsor activities such as biking, sporting events, and we hold an annual company retreat. For individuals we offer a yearly health check up, employee discounts at selected retail stores, and year-end bonus/ holiday bonus for Chinese festivals.


『-18℃ low-temperature transport』
We have systematically measured the frozen meat to maintain at a low temperature throughout the processing, transport, storage and final delivery operations. Maintaining the quality and safety of food during transport and storage is key as we renew our trucks every three years. Besides controlling the temperature we also continuously monitor the environmental status of each phase of the delivery process while working closely together with freezer storage and courier express companies in order to serve every consumer with highest quality products.

『Modern processing facilities』
We never compromise on quality and we stand behind every cut of beef, lamb, mutton and pork that we sell. Scrupulous cleanliness is the first priority item in our company. We assign different personnel and departments to be in charge of daily cleaning, disinfection, overall checkup, inventory monitoring, quality control and package design to ensure only food of top quality are displayed and sold to our customers.

『Great shopping environment』
 With a one-stop-shopping concept, our retail stores have a wide selection of seafood, poultry, spices and seasoning. Through professional customer service agents, we not only fulfill customer needs, we also provide valuable experience and information on how to select, cook and store the meat products.
To safeguard consumer rights, all products sold on behalf of our company are covered with a $50,000,000 NTD product and public liability insurance by Cathay Century Insurance Co., Ltd.

『Free VIP parking lot』
Our location is close to the Gongguan business district. Over 10 bus routes pass through our location. The MRT Wanlong station is five minutes walking distance. We also offer FREE parking to our preferred customers.


As we are expanding our business, we aim to build a company that gives back to the community. We have a list of charities that we make donations to every year. For example last year, we sponsored the Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation with an annual supply of meat. The Chung Yi foundation was founded in 1951 to assist the homeless children while establishing a shelter to care for nearly 5,000 disadvantaged children.

Game Meat is dedicated to becoming an excellent company that brings happiness and warmth to the community. We wish to be a role model and outstanding citizen within our community by creating joy and harmony for everyone.


『 HACCP certification (Since 2011 to date) 』
The “Food Safety Control System” stands for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System). The system is enforced in order to analyze the process of food production with scientific data, controlling and managing possible risk factors, and preventing the occurrence of various hazards. With the enforcement of HACCP, the possibility of food hygiene and safety issues such as food poisoning could be effectively reduced.

『 ISO22000 Certification (Since 2011 to date) 』
ISO is the abbreviation of the “International Organization of standardization.” The function of this organization is to gather and distribute information all across the world in order to maintain international standards. ISO22000 covers the standard of HACCP, but involves more requirements to ensure food safety in supply chain.

『 HALAL Certification (Since 2016 to date) 』
“HALAL certified food,” so called “Islamic dietary”, is not only made for Muslim followers, but also a new option for non-Muslims due to its hygiene, safety, purity, and emphasis of animal right during slaughter procedures. In order to meet Halal production requirements, Thomasmeat created a totally isolated HALAL production line starting from import, storage, cutting, packaging till shipment, which has been certificated by the Chinese Muslim Association. Thomasmeat is the first certified HALAL beef retailer in Taiwan in 2016.

『 3-star Green Circle Store of New Taipei City in year 2018 』
The Environmental Protection Bureau of New Taipei City has launched the “Green Circle Store Evaluation” project, and has added the concept of “Food Sharing” in the campaign to encourage business spontaneously reducing leftovers. The project has been expanded in 2018, involving more upstream ingredient suppliers to act for food saving. The overall evaluation indexes include source reduction, food sharing actions, recycling, environmental hygiene, promotion of environmental protection, energy saving and etc. More than 2000 stores joined the evaluation campaign, and 190 among them were rewarded.